My homemade cosmetics

My homemade cosmetics

Women have always been by all means to brighten their face. Today, cosmetic surgery eliminates nature's flaws, but the sooner it was impossible to change facial features, women did everything they could to keep their skin fresh. Nature came to their aid, with which they prepared for effective domestic cosmetics.

Home cosmetics throughout history

Some beauty recipes used to enjoy a great reputation. In the past, many women have used domestic cosmetics and care preparations. Let's see! The beautiful Pope, imitated by many women, was preparing for the face of a rye and olive oil compress. The galke made masks made of stool chalk and sours and beer foam. The Renaissance was famous for roses and piñatas. Even today, habits change. Now it is fashionable hemp oil, yeast, algae, honey, . . . All these resources are used by women to make them look beautiful.

To beautiful skin with medicinal teas, juices and a proper diet

The condition for beautiful skin is health, regular sleep. However, stimuli such as coffee, alcohol and tobacco should be avoided as they harm the skin. For good skin, it is also necessary to have a healthy liver. Therefore, it is recommended to drink medicinal herbal teas that promote sleep and digestion. Herbal teas that will calm you down definitely include industrial hemp tea- which can be added to a few hemp drops for greater efficiency. Vegetable juice from super food, such as celery, parsley and carrots, which should be fresh and recommended to drink in the fasting state is also effective.  Above all, it is recommended to drink teas made from cress, parsley, celery, carrots and cucumbers, which is mixed with some lemon juice. The skin must also be nurtured from the outside.

Homemade cosmetics

External skin care

Sometimes the plants we use for consumption can also be used for outdoor use. Thus, thyme, sage, rosemary and sweet anise can be used for skin care, which can be used as body water. Even natural, organic oils are suitable for skin care such as olive oil, hemp oil or sunflower oil.


Cosmetics from hemp

Hemp oil contains many healthy fats and provides a strong antioxidant effect and feeds pores with omega fats. Which is wonderful for providing moisture and rejuvenating dry skin. The types of omega fats in hemp oil are similar to those naturally found in the skin. As a result, hemp oil has a particularly effective effect on skin elasticity, especially in tired or dehydrated skin. Hemp oil is also good for improving the appearance of acne and sagging skin. Fatty acids in hemp work by nourishing the skin and give it a feeling of freshness and moisturity.

In fact, you may not know, but many skin products on the market already contain hemp oil as one of the main ingredients. Everything is natural and rarely causes side effects, making it the perfect base oil for many creams. If you massaged the skin with pure hemp oil, it would be revitalised and rejuvenated and felt and looked younger.

Therefore, if you already regularly use cosmetics with hemp oil for skin care, you will be happy to know that they also have anti-ageing properties.


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