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Ecological farm Of The Oaza of Light

The organic farm Of The Light is the homestead of Olga and Liam Šebinek, who are the founders of the brand HempLight . The main activity of the farm is the organic production of industrial hemp and the production of quality dietary additives from hemp, cosmetics from hemp and food. 


From the beginning, we were focused on where we could get the most from cannabis. Research has shown that most substances are in hemp. In this direction, we have teamed up with experts and doctors from around the world, enabling us to explore and understand how raw cannabis as a diet affects every cell of the body.

Organic cannabis production is our core business

Once upon a time, our lives were connected to entrepreneurship, but today we add care for nature, farming, heritage conservation and old knowledge. We organised the organic farm as an organic, social farm of St. Trinity, whose primary activity is the organic production of industrial hemp. 

First encounter with cannabis 

We first met cannabis in 2010, when we wanted to restore land on our arable land. The organic farm also belongs to six hectares of land. We realized that a hectare of cannabis cleans as much land and air as six acres of forest in a year. The research spirit drove us forward, we decided to take cannabis and wanted to find out what cannabis was. We started to connect with others who are dealing with cannabis and started researching both at home and abroad. Our first products were hemp teas and hemp powder. In 2019, these products are joined by the elixir of life or hemp juice from fresh, raw hemp.


Hemp products HempLight they are the only hemp products in the world that we have carried out a measurement of photons at the private research centre Bioscience – Alkivita, and we managed to open the hemp DNA cage and measure photons.

In this way, we have demonstrated that cannabis stores a lot of light during its growth, that is, biophotons, which are very important because when we consume cannabis in organic and unprocessed form, it delivehies oxygen. HEMPLIGHT is LIGHT in HEMP.
All products produced on an organic farm HempLight they are produced at the most appropriate time of the growing season to ensure the presence of the best food substances.


The mission on an organic farm in St. Trinity is to cultivate the dignity of both employees and fellow human beings and to respect nature, culture and animals. We strive to cultivate the best possible relationship with both the local and the wider environment. Social entrepreneurship is an innovative form of entrepreneurship with a great sense of responsibility for society and people. 

Business motives are primarily in resolving social, economic, environmental and other problems. Like classical social enterprises, we are performing on the market, with the difference that we do not share profits as a rule, but return it back to the company. Social entrepreneurship is interconnected by encouraging people's participation and volunteering. In this way, we are strengthening solidarity in society. 

We are trying to promote the happiness of our consumers by helping our consumers, using innovative technology and knowledge.

Organic farm Of The Oaza of Light in Holy Trinity
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Objective of the organic farm Hemplight Is produce industrial hemp food to the highest standards and best quality!

Under the auspices of our own brand, the most important quality is their quality, which is why we control every step of the production process at the homestead. With our products we want to promote optimal health and reduce the risk of disease. You can view the offer in the online store.