Hemp Juice


What is hemp juice? Hemp juice is a smoothie, which is also called the elixir of life and is prepared from fresh leaves of a young plant. After the souring, we freeze it quickly, so we can enjoy it practically throughout the year. Hemp juice is a nutritionally very rich food and can be consumed as an additive in vegetable smuti.

Reasons for consuming cannabis juice – the elixir of life?

  • Fresh juice contains most of the vitamins and minerals that are needed for human health.
  • The level of calcium in hemp sugar is more than you would find in a glass of milk!
  • The juice also has a high potassium content, more than it contains a banana.
  • Natural and fresh juice also contains a healthy dose of zinc, contains all flavonoids, terpenoids, plant alkaloids and
  • It's a great source of chlorophylate. 

How do we obtain hemp juice?

Fresh juice comes from an industrial hemp plant when it is at the height of the growing cycle. It is full of nutrients and provides a high quality diet. The juice is frozen and produced on the organic farm of the Light Oaza in St. Trinity. It is made without the addition of dyes, sugars, preservatives and other chemical additives. 

hemp juice in a jug and a glass

The power of hemp juice 

Fresh cannabis has also been the subject of research in recent years- with doctors discovering the power of cannabis juice. Because of the stress and speed of modern life, our bodies crave energy and revitalization. HempLight gives you the best of nature in the form of fresh juice. Hemp juice will strengthen your immune system and stimulate your body with a mix of vitamins, minerals, omega fatty acids and the most important ingredients – cannabididiols. Fresh hemp juice can be classified as a healthy food, which contributes to better well-being and greater vitality.

How do we maintain the maximum nutritional value of hemp juice?

Each juice package HempLight after the slow solunation process, it is frozen to ensure that the product remains in its original fresh form, without loss of nutritional value. The most important ingredient of juice is cannabidiolicacid , which is an essential amino acid and is only found in hemp fibers. Cannabidiol is also a powerful antioxidant that helps detoxify your body, restores healthy balance and improves your overall well-being. It is also important to point out that juice Hemplight does not contain THC. The daily use of our product showed no side effects. When you consume our juice, you will immediately feel that your energy levels are increasing and your immune system is improving.

The body is best regenerated when saturated with phytocabinoids, which makes hemp juice need to be convulsive for three months to produce the desired effect. One of the reasons why we choose to consume raw hemp juice is to enter as many cannabinoids as possible in cannabididiolic acid into the body in this way.

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