Cannabinoids in hemp – how can we improve absorption?

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Simply put soluble in water means that CBD (cannabidiol) able to dissolve in water. Cannabidiol, which is soluble inwater (Cannabidiol, Hempjuice) is obtained by a special process called lyophilisation. Lyophilisation is low temperature drying of frozen products in which water is removed and the structure, colour, aroma and composition of hemp are preserved. This process also preserves the biochemical and plant composition of hemp and the way we achieve maximum solubility of hemp in water. The cannabidiol thus obtained is in an acidic form known as CBDA and is absorbed very quickly. There hasn't been much talk about the solubility of cannabidiol in the water, but today this topic is getting more and more pozononosti.

What is cannabidiol ( CBD )?

Cannabidiol ( CBD ) is one of 85 phytocanabinoidsknown to exist in hemp. It is known that these different phytocabinoids exist at different levels in different types of hemp. Most canabionoids do not exist in concentrations high enough to have any noticeable effect, but the concentration of CBD up to 40 % in rich varieties of industrial hemp.

What recent research says

Recent studies have shown that the concentration of CBD when it reaches the bloodstream and is CBD in an appropriate form (soluble in water), increased. When bioavailability (absorption) increases, more CBD -yes remains in the metabolism process, resulting in a reduction in the amount of dosing. Water solubility CBD attention as scientists and researchers look for the best ways to absorb CBD - yes, in the body. The body can absorb more if something is soluble in water, instead of being able to absorb only 10% of what we ingest. When the CBD water soluble, our body receives more.

Dr William I Courtney is one ofthe best-known physicians to advise against heating cannabis and promote the use of fresh cannabis. The reason why you can see it here.

Water-soluble CBD is better absorbed

What remains is transmitted through the intestines and urine. This means that CBD which is not a water-soluble body can not absorb and eliminate it. Impaired absorption, non-equal treatment in the body and oxidation of the thermally treated CBD -yes is a thing of the past compared to water-soluble CBD - I'm in. With a water-soluble compound, the body can absorb more, CBD distributed evenly through all cells in the body and does not degrade when exposed to air.

The display-of-operation-water-soluble- CBD

The picture says more than words. Water soluble Bio CBD with the size of the nanometer travels through the bloodstream into cells and around the body. In the water-soluble CBD absorption is 90%, in the thermal treatment of CBD on oil, the absorption is 10%. The human body consists of 70% water, the brain from 80% water, cells from 90% water, blood from 85% water, muscles from 75% water. In water insoluble CBD the oil is not digestible, so the body usually eliminates it 90% or does not store it.

Benefits of cannabidiol, which is soluble in water

As we found, the body more easily absorbed CBD if water-soluble. If we think about it, the oil and the water don't mix. This makes it very difficult for the body to fully absorb CBD ingested thermally treated. More efficient is taking CBD which is soluble in water, as this will work most efficiently. In case hemp is inhaled or used in any other thermal way, the absorption is different from that of the water-soluble CBD - they do. In case of water-soluble CBD -in liquid or capsule form, efficiency and welfare is inappropriately better and better quality.

Reasons to choose

  • excellent efficiency – the body absorbs water-soluble cannabidiol much easier than when CBD treated treated. We need less water-soluble cannabidiol ( CBD ) to achieve the same results.
  • safe dosing – when you take CBD soluble in water, you can be sure not to consume it too much. Your body absorbs exactly what it needs, even when doses are lower.
  • we get more for less money – although it is thermally treated CBD (reseal or oil) are becoming more accessible, such products can become expensive. When using water-soluble CBD you get for less money more.


Hemp is a miracle plant and can help us if we consume it as it was 30 - 40 million years ago, that means raw. It is also very important that it is processed in an ecological way.


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