The power of fresh hemp and how to preserve it


The latest research shows that it is best to consume cannabis in its natural, raw state, as this is the only way to get the full spectrum of its beneficial compounds, such as minerals, enzymes, vitamins, cannabinoids, chlorophyll, terpenes and flavonoids. This is also about the synergy of the cannabis components. Many scientific groups and institutions are involved in the research and study of raw cannabis. Dr William Courtney, an American, is one of the most renowned doctors researching the benefits of raw cannabis and promoting the consumption of raw cannabis juice. The very word 'fresh' suggests that it retains all that the plant has had since its beginning, and that what is processed loses some of the beneficial substances that are essential for life processes.

More than 10,000 patients had dr. It allows Courtney to explore and understand how raw cannabis as a diet affects every cell of the body. To use this plant properly, he says, we need to use it the way it evolved thirty to forty million years ago. So raw: "Please don't heat up cannabis!" It can really change your life." More about his experiences and the testimonies of his patients can be seen in the documentary Health Benefits of Exuding Raw Cannabis Juice (


Natural power of fresh hemp

hemp juice in a jug and a glass

Hemp has the greatest power when it is unprocessed, fresh, even from an energy level point of view. Cannabis also has exceptional biophoton power. At the time of best growth, the shingles and flower pots are soaked with light energy, which is not lost in lyophilisation, a special method of quick drying at low temperatures. Measurements using a biophototic camera showed by far the highest proportion of biophotons in lyophilised hemp mixed in cottage cheese. Mix one large tablespoon of lyophilised green hemp powder into a hundred grams of albumin goat's cottage cheese and add three tablespoons of cold-pressed hemp oil, a tablespoon of honey, a tablespoon of milk, two teaspoons of hemp protein, miscellown fruit and flakes. Mix the ingredients smoothly with a bar mixer to obtain a delicious mixture. With a breakfast like this, we have more vital energy after a few days, and after two months the body is already recovering. What health shows us.

Green lyophilised hemp powder is in combination with cottage cheese medicinally unique. Of all the measurements with a biophoton camera, he showed the maximum biophoton activity. He far outdid the combination with honey or oil or other forms of hemp. Interestingly, the result is consistent with the research and recommendations of Dr Johanna Budwig. The photon power of cannabis was measured using a biophoton camera in the Alkivita bioscience research laboratory of Danila Ogrinc. *


How do we most effectively maintain the power of fresh hemp?

A man holds a tray in front of a lyophilisation device

Lyophilisation or freezing drying is a process during which water is removed from biological and organic substances that would be damaged by heating, but preserve their structure, colour, aroma and composition. However, normal methods of air-drying or drying do greatly alter the biochemical and plant composition of hemp. In the context of the legislation currently in force, it is very important that the lyophilisation process does not change the structure of cannabis and preserve it as an organic substance. According to the expert opinion of the NIJZ National Institute of Public Health on the safety of foodstuffs containing industrial hemp, all hemp products made by extraction or modified by heat treatment structure are currently prohibited for free sale. The European Commission is an extract of cannabis sativa L., where the cannabidiol content is CBD higher than the content in the cannabis sativa L., placed in the catalogue of novel foods labelled "not allowed".

This means that they should not be used in foods, including food supplements, until the safety assessment and possible authorisation have been completed. Lyophilised hemp products do not fall under novel foods and are therefore authorised. Pictured is a shocked, sained and frozen cannabis that goes into a lyophilisation machine, from which organic cannabis dust is given for Slovenian products HempLight . The lyophilisation process takes forty-eight hours. During this time, the temperature drops to minus sixty-five degrees and then slowly rises to plus twenty degrees. During drying, the pressure displaces water from hemp. The finished product is organic hemp powder, which is water-soluble, so it is quickly absorbed into the body.

Slovenian lyophilised hemp powder

Lyophilised products from Hemp HempLight have an organic certificate – hemp is produced and lyophilized in Slovenia. Regular consumption of fresh, raw cannabis increases energy in the body, reduces fatigue, helps to calm sleep and regulate digestion, strengthens the immune system, normalizes heart function, protects against oxidative stress and contributes to restoring bones, teeth, hair, nails, skin and vision. Hemp is also a rich source of anti-inflammatory natural fatty acids omega-3. The ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 in hemp is excellent, i.e. 4:1. Cannabididiolic acid CBDA from cannabis, which is not psychoactive, improves well-being and supports the endocannabinoid system in the body.

Bio cannabidiol – natural CBDA hemp powder

Contains high doses of cannabididiolic acid CBDA Cannabidiol 30 g – 30 grams contains 850 milligrams CBDA . It also contains iron, calcium, potassium, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, selenium, vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, A and E. Rich in fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6. The recommended daily dose is one teaspoon per day with breakfast or dinner.

Bio hemp ( CBDA ) with bio curcumin and bosvelijo powder Turmeric and bosvelija

Herbs, which were already known by ancient medicine – alleviate problems with chronic inflammation and support joint health. Bosvelia accelerates blood circulation in the joints and protects them from arthritis. The active substance, bosvelic acid, inhibits the development of certain substances that cause inflammation in the body. With the addition of bosvelia and turmeric 25 g from turmeric, Turmeric curcumin relieves the symptoms of arthritis, promotes the body's immune response and stimulates liver and gall bladder function.

HB Energy

Bio cannabidiol CBDA , biocalciles of broccoli and biocalciles of radii daikon powder Hemp and broccoli sprouts are the perfect food – an excellent source of nutrients that give the body an energy boost and help it maintain its natural body defence. Sulforafan from broccoli sprouts and radiated daikon stimulates natural detoxification and defenses of the body against oxidative stress. The recommended daily dose is one to two teaspoons of powder, after a meal.

Source: Full article published in The Mysteries, 2021

*Source: Journal of Mysteries, 2021, author of the article is Anja Drašler