Bosvelija serrata 25 g

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Extracts of Bosvelia, an ancient Indian tree, have been used in India for centuries as part of Ayurvedic medical science due to beneficial effects on a range of inflammatory diseases. It is traditionally used in gastrointestinal disorders, hypertension or coughing. Ayurvedic medicine calls it Salai guggul and uses it against acne and fungal infections. The healing properties of bosh are still less well known to the general public, as it is relatively rarely found in pharmacies or health food shops. Research carried out in the 1990s showed its anti-inflammatory activity. Bosvelic acid acts directly on inflammatory molecules responsible for pain. With its anti-inflammatory and painkillers it relieves problems with arthritis, asthma, Crohn's disease, back pain and many others.

Bosvelija also works perfectly in combination with curcumin and lyophilised juice of fresh hemp.

  • Bosvelija Serrata powder with hemp and curcumin is a dietary supplement with excellent absorption.
  • Active ingredients: organic lyophilised industrial hemp, bosvelic acid extract (65%), organic water-soluble curcumin 15%.
  • It contains the most useful combination of ingredients that are effectively absorbed in the body because they are soluble in water.
  • Bosvelija Serrata powder with hemp and curcumin is an organic product.

Content (Syl, 25 g)

Specific characteristic: 0,0 % THC.