Hemp tea 50g

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Hemp tea Hemplight , 50 g

Bio hemp tea from virts and leaves is produced in Slovenia. Hemp tea is picked by hand and processed in such a way as to preserve as many natural substances as possible. Hemp tea has a beneficial effect on calming down, so I can drink it before bed. Regulates hormones, especially in menopause and andropavzi.

Preparation of hemp tea

Prepare the hemp tea by pouring a pinch of the hemp with hot water and leaving to stand for 3 - 10 minutes. If we want stronger tea, you can boil it for a few minutes and add a drop of hemp oil or milk. If you want to use hemp tea to consume cannabis cannabinoids from hemp, it is necessary to add fat to the tea, as cannabinoids bind to fat. Hemp tea is also excellent at making syrup from the hemp extract, which can replace sugar.

How do we feed it?

  • STORAGE: stored in a dry place and sealed packaging.
  • COMPOSITION: dried pots and leaves of industrial hemp