Food supplement Bio hemp drops CANNABIS SATIVA Net quantity 10ml

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Hemp CBDA drops

What distinguishes CBDA hemp drops from other oils on the market?

  • We use a specially developed process to respect the highest quality standards, which ensures the full natural spectrum of hemp.
  • The water-solubility of both polar and non-polar compounds results in a perfect oil.
  • Other oils on the market are extracted with CO2 and butane, claiming "they contain a whole range of hemp ingredients" but lack non-semiar compounds, which only gives you a fraction of what's in the plant.

SProcedure HempLight We get the widest range of healthy job ingredients maintaining the biochemical balance of the plant. We have chosen a process where at low temperature we remove cannabinoids and terpenes from plant material and preserve all other beneficial molecules from hemp to produce the cleanest oil CBDA .


Hemp drops Hemplight , 10 ml

Hemp drops contain a full range of essential nutrients with added large quantities CBDA obtained from the leaves and pots of mature industrial hemp.

What hemp drops contain:

  • terpenes and other natural molecules such as flavonoids and saccharides;
  • they are rich in water-soluble molecules such as amino acids, proteins, vitamins;
  • rich in omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids;
  • 100 % without THC;
  • no side effects are known in normal use;
  • do not contain an allergen, so they can be consumed on any diet.

Other natural molecules

CBDA Hemp drops contain chlorophyll, amino acids, flavonoids, vitamins, ketones, aldehydes, pigments, vitamin E from wheat germ oil and hemp oil.

Ingredients and storage of hemp drops

  • Instructions: twice a day, preferably before a meal, 3 drops of Cannabis Sativa hemp oil under your tongue – hold for 1-2 minutes and then swallow.
  • Composition: CBDA And CBD which we obtained by cold process and in a natural way, because the oil is not heated. As a percentage, small differences in the value of

There is also a Bio Cannabis sativa drops of 20 ml.