Water ionizer aQuator SILVER

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How does the aQuator SILVER water ionizer work?

The water ionizer aQuator SILVER can divide normal drinking water from the tap into three different qualities:

  • basic active water,
  • acid active water and
  • as an additional silver water option.

aQuator is manufactured in several variants which differ in the volume of the container (3 l or 1,5 l), with or without the added electrode Ag (silver) (clasic). After switching on after four minutes, you can produce 2.3 l or 1.1 l of basic active water and 0,7 l or 0,4 l of acidic active water, or vice versa if you move the inner crucible to the left. In the case of additional silver electrodes, it may produce 3 l or 1,5 l of silver water at concentrations of 0,1 mg Ag/l – up to a maximum of 30 mg Ag/l.

The appliances are economical, safe and easy to operate. The aQuator water ionizer is operated using the keys and the cover display. After electrolysis is complete, the machine turns off automatically and the audible signal is turned on. We recommend a aquaizer silver or clasic 3 l for families, aQuator mini silver or clasic 1.5 l for 1-2 people.

We recommend aQuator SILVER to anyone who wants to use silver water as a natural universal antibiotic, which has been known for centuries, without harmful side effects.

Appliances are certified and patented. The warranty is 2 years.

Production is in Lithuania, at Burbuliukas & Co Uab. The company has a quality system ISO 9001: 2008. In accordance with EU Directives, apparatus is marked with the CE marking.

With daily use of ionized basic active water you will always be in a good mood, energetic, you will feel lively with full energy.