Healthy and editen breakfast


Let's start the day with a healthy and editic breakfast

A healthy and editen breakfast can be a good trip to start the working day. We can start a new day by preparing a healthy breakfast that will force us to do our best for new ventures, but at the same time it will not burden us. It's good to change our habits from time to time and make breakfast a little different. Change never hurts. This time, we suggest that you prepare a delicious breakfast with cottage cheese, fresh seasonal fruit, hemppowder - a mixture of honey and ground lanamel seeds (linomel) and nuts, for the start of the day.

Healthy and edy meal for breakfast

Let's start the day with a healthy, light and editic meal, which is ready quickly. We can be creative in choosing ingredients. We can choose seasonal fruit, but if we do not have it on hand we can also serve pickled or dried fruit. Dried fruit can be pre-dried as an addition to breakfast.

What do we need to prepare a healthy and edition breakfast?

– 2 tablespoons linomela*
– 1 tablespoon honey
– 1 teaspoon hemp powder
– 100 g -125 g albumin's cottageute
– 3 tablespoons hemp oil
– fresh fruit and juices
– nuts

How do we prepare it?

Preparing a healthy and edite breakfast is fast

Shake two tablespoons of linomel into a glass container and cover with a layer of seasonal fruit. Opt for mixed fruit or one type of fruit. Optionally. In winter, you can use the broken apples differently. You can add cherry, blueberry or quince juice, including raisins, apricots and other fruit soaked in apple juice. Add the hemp powder and stir slowly until the oil and hemp powder are fully blended into the mixture. When the mixture is finished, add it to the fruit and nuts. To get a different taste every day, we add different fruits, nuts, herbs ...

honey in a glass

How do we prepare Linomel?

Grind the flaxseed in the coffee grinder (grind small amounts so that the seed doesn't overheat) and add organic honey. The ratio is 6-1.

A healthy and violent meal will make us work our best and work with more energy. Let's start the day successfully!

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