Terms of Business

General terms and conditions of the online shop HempLight ! Trade is drawn up in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act, with recommendations of the GZS and international codes for e-commerce.


The provider is HempLight online shop, Libona d.o.o.so.p,Radgonska c.2 , 2235 Sv.Trojica, owner of the online shop HempLight. The company Libona d.o.o.so.p. is a member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and does not need a special licence to carry out

user is the person who uses our system, i.e. the customer in the online store

online shop is an information system designed to present and sell products to the user


When registering in an online shop, the visitor obtains a username that is identical to the address of his e-mail and a password of his choice. The user name and password unambiguously define and link the user to the completed data. After registration, the visitor becomes a user and acquires the right to purchase. General terms and conditions deal with the operation of the online store HempLight (www. hemplight .net) the rights of the user and the business relationship between the provider and the customer.

The provider undertakes to provide the customer with the following information at all times:

company identity (name and registered office, register number)

contact addresses that enable fast and efficient communication (e-mail)

essential characteristics of goods or services (including after-sales services and guarantees)

availability of the products (any product or service offered on the website should be available within an understandable period)

conditions of delivery of the product or execution of the service (method, place and time of delivery)

all prices must be clearly and unambiguously determined, show whether they already contain taxes and transport costs

payment and delivery method

time validity of the offer

the period within which it is still possible to withdraw from the contract ; in addition, about if and how much it costs the customer to return the product

the complaint procedure, including any details of the contact person or customer service, must be clarified.

Purchase process

When you select the product you want to buy, you add it to your shopping cart by clicking on the "add to cart" button. You can find the cart symbol at the top right. If you scroll or click on it, you'll see the contents of your cart with the products you've accumulated (picture, description, and price of the product). You can change the amount in your cart before you complete your purchase, or you can remove individual products from your cart.

To do this, press "+" to increase the number of selected products to reduce the number of selected products, press "-" to remove each product from the cart, press the "x" character.

You can then continue shopping and adding products, or you can go to the end of your purchase.

Once you have selected all the products and you have checked in your cart that you have the right products in it, continue to click on the check mark. In this step, you enter your personal information if you are purchasing as a guest. Customers who have already registered with our system in the past will automatically fill in the data with their password when you re-sign in.

If you want, you can also choose to deliver to a different address after entering your data. You can do this by clicking on the text "DELIVERY TO ANOTHER ADDRESS" « Then enter the name and address details where you want the ordered to be delivered.

In the next step, you can select the payment method by clicking and checking all the information you enter (personal information, delivery address, selected products and quantities of selected products, payment method) before completing the order, if they are correct.

Before completing the order (BUY NOW button), confirm by clicking on the Terms of Business button and privacy policy once you have read:

– I have read and agree to the terms and conditions of the website

– I have read and fully agree with the privacy policy

To complete the purchase, press the BUY NOW button. The online shop automatically "generates – creates" the order and sends an e-mail with order details (products, prices, quantities, user data...) to the e-mail you entered. With this order is confirmed, the products will be shipped as soon as possible. If the delivery date is more than 2 working days, the tenderer shall inform the buyer accordingly.

By completing the order, you assume the obligation to take over the order and receive a copy of the order by e-mail. The award of your order thus obliges you to pay for it.


Cancellation of the order is possible up to 1 hour after the order is awarded or until 12:00 (valid for orders placed just before 12:00). After this hour, the parcels are delivered to the delivery service and in most cases the following business day at the addressee.


The provider issues an invoice on a durable medium, with the costs broken down. The user pays by payment card, paypal or by budget on TRR (valid for Slovenia).

The invoice has a broken down price and cost associated with the purchase.

The buyer is obliged to verify the correctness of the information before placing the order.

Turn on common sense, take the bill:

Delivery date

For products in stock, the supply of goods is 1-2 working days. In the event of a longer delivery period, we will inform you of the delivery time by e-mail or by telephone.


The provider must deliver the goods or services within the promised time. At the time of delivery, it must provide the user with additional information regarding the right of withdrawal, in particular the conditions and method of exercise of the right itself. It must provide all necessary information regarding the address to which the user can contact in the event of a complaint and information regarding warranties and service or other services after the end of the contract.

Transport is always paid for by the customer of the products. Ordered items are shipped within 1-2 days of the order, or from the payment of the budget, the ordered arrives at the customer usually on the next business day, rarely needs longer time. Once we have processed the order and sent it, we will notify you via the email you provided in the contact. Shipments are traceable, so you can contact us and write to us at the info.libona@gmail.com if you have not received the package, or wait for it for a long time. We'll check where the shipment is.

The cost of dispatching goods for Slovenia is as follows:

– EUR 3.50 in vat in the case of payment by pre-invoiced, card or paypal.

All prices for products are in EUR and include VAT (value added tax)

When purchasing over 50 eur in the value of VAT, the cost of dispatch is GRATIS. When purchasing up to 50 eur, you will be charged the shipping fee and shown as a separate item on the invoice.

No additional charges shall be charged for the delivery and dispatch of the goods.

We use Pošta Slovenije for the delivery of orders.

Delivery via Pošta Slovenia:

The ordered products are delivered to the address you specified as the delivery address. Deliveries take place mostly in the morning. If you cannot pick up at the time of delivery, you can pick it up later at the nearest post office from Slovenia (15 days).

Before completing the order, you are familiar with the above phrase: "Buyer assumes payment obligation by placing the order". By completing the order, you agree with this sentence and receive a copy of the order by mail. The award of your order thus obliges you to pay for it.


Ask the bank through which you make the payment for the amount of the payment fee after the budget. When payment after budget, the fee for the payment of the UPN form is not paid at the price list of Pošta Slovenije. This means that you pay the price+cost of shipping goods worth EUR 3.50 for the slovenian area.

Transfer information:


TRR: SI56 0417 3000 1248 002 (NKBM BANK)

Reference: SI00 (+order number)


The order is only valid for 3 working days. THUS, WE ALSO KEEP ITEMS AFTER BUDGETING FOR ONLY 3 WORKING DAYS. After three days, you are deemed to have departed from the purchase, reverse your order and return the items for sale.


Paypal represents a simple, above all, safe way to pay orders online. Your credit card number is not known to us as a retailer. You can use Viso, Mastercard, AmericanExpress, and you can use Youro, Mastercard, AmericanExpress when making payments using Paypal,... To start using Paypal, you need to create a user account that is free of charge and provides users with anonymous, secure, and fast business.

Delivery to Croatia

Shipping costs up to 5kg – 5.90€ including VAT. Payment is possible through a budget, paypal or card. Transport is always paid for by the customer of the products. The ordered items are shipped within 1-2 days of the visibility of the transfer on our invoice, the ordered arrives at the customer usually within 2-3 business days and to the islands within 4-5 business days. Once we have processed the order and sent it, we will notify you via the email you provided in the contact. Shipments are traceable, so you can contact us and write to us at the info.libona@gmail.com if you have not received the package, or wait for it for a long time. We'll check where the shipment is.

Delivery to other EU countries

Shipping costs are up to 5 kg. Payment is possible through a budget, paypal or card. Transport is always paid for by the customer of the products. The ordered items are shipped within 1-2 days of the visibility of the transfer on our invoice. Once we have processed the order and sent it, we will notify you via the email you provided in the contact. Shipments are traceable, so you can contact us and write to us at the info.libona@gmail.com if you have not received the package, or wait for it for a long time. We'll check where the shipment is.

Delivery to other non-EU countries

Customers from non-EU countries contact us at the info.libona@gmail.com order and shipping costs. We will be happy to make you an offer.


The discount concession codes are date-specified and are valid only on the listed products at regular prices and when the customer is directly in the order. This automatically calculates the discount.  Subsequent entry of a code in an order already placed where the code has not been entered by the customer is not possible, nor is the code applicable to orders already placed in the past time. Discount codes are mutually exclusive, which means that you can only use one discount code at a time in order.

Discount codes do not apply to products that are exchanged for an order that has already been made.

Right of withdrawal, return/exchange of goods


INFORMATION CONCERNING THE EXERCISE OF THE CONSUMER'S RIGHT TO WITHDRAW FROM A DISTANCE CONTRACT Right of withdrawal The consumer has the right to withdraw from a distance contract without giving reasons. The withdrawal period shall expire within 14 days from the date on which the consumer acquires physical possession of the goods or a third party other than the carrier, appointed for that purpose by the consumer, acquires physical possession of the goods in the consumer's stead. In order to exercise the right of withdrawal, the consumer must inform the company by an unequivocal statement to the address of Libona Ltd,tel. 041 818 529, e-mail: info.libona@gmail.com, of his decision to withdraw from this contract (e.g. by letter sent by post or e-mail). For this purpose, the consumer may optionally use the model withdrawal form (in this document below). In order for the withdrawal period to be respected, it is sufficient for the notification concerning the exercise of the consumer's right of withdrawal to be sent before the expiry of the withdrawal period. Effects of withdrawal: If the consumer withdraws from the contract, the company will refund any payments received without undue delay and in any event no later than 14 days from the date of receipt of the notice of withdrawal, provided that by that time the consumer has returned the goods to the company (undamaged and in the same quantity) or has sent proof to the company that he has sent the goods back, whichever is the earlier. Such reimbursement shall be made by the Company using the same means of payment as was used for the original transaction, unless otherwise expressly agreed; in any event, the consumer shall not bear any costs as a result of such reimbursement. The consumer shall return or hand over the goods in the same condition as when they were delivered to him (undamaged and in the same quantity) in person or by post to Libona d.o.o.so.p., Radgonska c.2, 2235 Sv.Trojica , without undue delay and in any event no later than 14 days from the date on which the consumer notified the company of his withdrawal from the contract. The deadline shall be observed if the consumer sends the goods back before the expiry of the 14-day period. The direct costs of returning the goods (postage or return in person) shall be borne by the consumer. The consumer shall only be liable for the diminished value of the goods resulting from handling which is not strictly necessary to determine their nature, characteristics and functioning.


Libona d.o.o.so.p.
Radgonska c.2,
2235 Sv.Trojica

 I would like to inform you that I am withdrawing from a distance contract for the purchase of goods (or complete accordingly): a) specification of goods: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
b) resulting from the attached document (order form, invoice, receipt)

 on the basis of the order/order of ________________ for the total amount _____________________________ I received the goods on _________________

 Name and surname of the consumer ______________________________________ Address of the consumer:______________________________________________
Telephone number, e-mail address of the consumer (optional): _________________________________________________

The price of ___________________________ EUR, please return dne_______________ to my transaction account:___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

In ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

CHANGE OF GOODS: If you have purchased an item that you would like to replace with another item, fill in the form on THE RETURN OF GOODS. The cost of sending the goods to us is borne by the buyer.  Benefit from us: we cover the cost of shipping the goods at the first exchange from us to you. The cost is only charged by returning the item to us. For all subsequent exchanges, the cost of shipping in both directions is borne by the customer. The exchange time is possible within 14 days of pick-up.

We only change unused product with packaging the same as you received.

 Recovery is possible only under the conditions laid down under 'Right of withdrawal'.

When changing goods, the prices on your account and paid for the products you purchased are, of course. For newly selected products, prices in the online store are taken into account at the moment we receive your purchased products for exchange. When changing products, it is not possible to cash in coupons or discount codes, as they are intended for use with a NEW PURCHASE.


In cases where you have received a shipment which is not accompanied by all the documents, the invoice information is not correct and in other similar cases, please contact the info.libona@gmail.com. We will provide you with the appropriate explanation, instructions or deliver the missing material as soon as possible.

We advise that when you receive the goods, inspect them and if you find an error on the goods that do not comply with the online store, please inform us via the RETURN OF GOODS form, where we will agree on a further procedure. The purchased item is returned along with undamaged packaging. Packaging is part of a sales item. If part of the packaging is torn, damaged, the product is considered to have been used. The cost of returning the goods is borne by the buyer.


The error is real:

if the product does not have the characteristics necessary for its normal use or for marketing;

if the product does not have the characteristics necessary for the end-use for which the buyer purchases it, but which is known to or should have been known to the seller;

if the product does not have characteristics and merits which have been expressly or silenced or prescribed;

The buyer may exercise his rights in kind if he informs the provider of the error within two months of the error being detected. The provider is not responsible for any real errors after 2 years.

Material defects must be reported in writing to info.libona@gmail.com. The deadline for rectifying a material defect is 8 days from the date of written notification of the defect by the Buyer.

In the event that a fault in kind is found, the buyer may request a new product, refund or refund part of the price in proportion to the defect.  

The right to make a claim of a claimable defect is defined in more detail by the Consumer Protection Act.


The buyer may advertise the error at any time within the warranty period. The consumer may claim the warranty for products for which a warranty is mandatory (the list of these products is laid down in the Rules on goods for which a warranty for faulty performance is issued) and for those for which a voluntary warranty has been issued. Within the warranty period, the consumer may request the guarantor to fix the error free of charge. If the error cannot be corrected or the company does not correct it within a total period of 45 days, the consumer may request a replacement for a new free product. What is the warranty enforcement process?

The buyer must request correction of the defects within the warranty period and under warranty terms and under warranty terms, provided by the warranty giver, presenting both the product and the warranty certificate and a copy of the invoice. The customer does not have any costs by correcting or replacing the product. If the seller finds that the defect on the product was caused by improper conduct by the buyer, which makes it shown that the warranty claim is unjustified, he will send the product back to his expense by written notice.



If, upon receipt of your parcel, you notice that it is physically damaged, missing contents or shows signs of having been opened, please contact us immediately on 041 818 529 or at info@hemplight.net for further information. We will initiate a complaint procedure with Post Slovenije. Please leave the package in the same condition as you received it (without adding or removing anything) and keep the original packaging! When reporting the damage, we will also need photos of the package, the (inner) packaging, the damaged item, the postage label and a description of the damage.

The request is handled by the Commission at Pošta Slovenije and, on the basis of their reply or approval, the buyer is returned to the buyer or ordered a new item. We will endeavour to ensure that the complaint is resolved as soon as possible.


Once we have processed your order and placed it in the post, you will receive an email from us to the email address you entered when you placed your order, informing you that you can expect your package in the next few days. If the postman is not able to hand over the parcel to you in person, he will put a Receipt Notice in your mailbox. The time to collect your order from the post office is 15 days. This is how long the parcel is waiting for you and if you do not collect it, it will be returned to our address. If for any reason you do not have a Postman's Note, please contact us at info@hemplight.net and we will provide you with the details to enable you to collect the parcel without the Postman's Note.

Consequences of non-packet re-takeover:

the return package, which is not taken over by the customer, insuessicues additional costs that we have to pay to the delivery person. In the future, such customers can only be re-ordered after pre-payment via a budget, paypal card or debit card. Unfortunately, payment on delivery is no longer possible.

Any intentional damage caused by ordering and not accepting orders (false orders) can be traced and, if this is suspected, we will hand over the IP address to the responsible services for further treatment as abusive.

Validity of the offer

When purchasing, prices are valid at the time of confirmation of the order. All prices are, free of VAT, under article 1(94).


The provider shall use appropriate technological and organisational means to protect the transfer and storage of personal data, orders and payments.


The provider may only be contacted by means of distance communications by the provider if the former does not expressly object.

Archiving contracts

The contract concluded between the provider and the user shall be permanently stored at Libona d.o.o.so.p., Radgonska c.2,2235 Sv.Trojica. The Buyer may obtain a copy by request to info.libona@gmail.com .

Advertising e-mails shall contain the following components:

clearly and unambiguously be marked as advertising messages

the consignor must be clearly visible

various campaigns, promotions and other marketing techniques must be marked as such. The conditions for participation in them must also be clearly defined.

user's desire not to receive advertising messages must be respected


The provider complies with the applicable consumer protection legislation. The complaint may be submitted via an e-mail address info.libona@gmail.com. Within five working days, the provider will confirm to your e-mail address that he has received a complaint and will inform you of the estimated time of treatment. The tenderer is aware that the essential feature of a consumer dispute, at least as far as the court resolution is concerned, is its disproportionate nature between the economic value of the claim and the costs incurred in resolving the dispute itself. This is also the main obstacle not to bring a dispute before a court. The tenderer shall therefore do its utmost to resolve any disputes by mutual agreement.

Online store hemplight The .net does not recognise any provider responsible for out-of-court litigation (IRPS) that could help the consumer resolve disputes through the European Commission's online dispute resolution platform






Tax number: SI69280258 (we are taxable)

Registration number: 2192888000

Registration of the company in the business register of Slovenia, Ajpes, Izpostava Maribor, under the number 11289100


Company contact: info.libona@gmail.com

Contact online sales (info, orders, complaints): info.libona@gmail.com

OPENING HOURS:We answer your messages or calls on Fri,09:00-12:00.