Water filter WES003-MG

6,50 including VAT


Why use the WES003-MG water filter?

How does wes003-MG water filter contribute to cleaner drinking water ? Environmental pollution is also reflected in increased pollution of drinking water. In particular, this problem is pressing in major cities, and in recent years we have seen contamination of drinking water due to the use of herbicides and chemical agents for the needs of agriculture in rural areas. The consequences of contaminated water can be negatively reflected on our health, so it is recommended that water be filtered for daily use. Various water filters are available. The water filter enriches the water with magnesium and removes various contaminated organic compounds and other impurities. The water filter is also suitable for the preparation of water for the preparation of hemp tea.

WES003-MG water filter properties

  • MG + filter enriches water with beneficial magnesium,
  • removes chlorine, heavy metals and organic compounds.
  • Improves the smell and taste of water.


Water purified by a water filter contains magnesium and impurities removed. The water filter also removes the uneasy smell of water and mildly changes the taste. The water is suitable for preparing various beverages. It's a great alternative to bottled water, but it's even cheaper.

Change filter

  • the filter must be replaced after 30 days or 200 litres.

The water filter is compatible with the water filtration jug Brita Maxtra Filter and Wessper AQUAMAX 3.5L.