Water filter WES003-AL

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Why use the WES003-AL water filter?

Given the increasing use of pesticides and other types of pollution that persuaate into groundwater, it makes sense to consider using water filters. Water filters allow us to extract from the water admix, which do not benefit our bodies or may harm it in the long run. Depending on what type of water filter we decide, we can also use them to enrich water. E.g. the WES003-AL water filter enriches water with minerals, increases ORP* (oxidation reduction potential) water levels and removes free radicals. The water filtered by the WES003-AL water filter tastes good and can also be used in the preparation of hemp juice.

WES003-AL Water Filter Properties

  • WES003-AL is an alkaline filter enriching water with alkaline minerals and increases the pH of water,
  • decreases orp levels by 300-350mv, making water an excellent antioxidant that removes free radicals,
  • removes chlorine, pesticides, herbicides and heavy metals.
  • the resulting water contains sodium, calcium, magnesium and potassium ions.
  • visibly improves the smell and taste of water.

What is the water quality after using the WES003-AL water filter?

What is the water after using the WES003-AL water filter? After filtering water with the WES003-AL water filter, the composition of the water is very similar to bottled water, although much depends on the original mineral content of tap water. This water is great for drinking without being overhealed before use.

What is ORP (oxidation reduction potential) and why is it important?

ORP isa term that is often used in water treatment and in the food industry. With ORP (oxidation reduction potential) the value is measured by the purity of the water and its ability to break down impurities into the water.  The ORP range range is – 2,000 to + 2,000 and the measuring unit is milivolt (mV). Since ozone is an oxidant, we are only interested in positive ORP values (above 0 mV). The dirtier the water, the less oxygen in the water, because the organic particles consume oxygen, so the orp levels are lower. Higher ORP levels indicate that water has a greater ability to destroy impure particles in water, such as microorganisms and carbon-based impurities.